Saturday, 9 April 2011

Honours Project: Silent City

I feel like I dropped of the edge of the earth a bit, but here's what was occupying my time:

Preliminary research into noise pollution in the urban environment led me to seek it's silent places and respond to them creatively. The images don't just respond to the silent, but observe the wide scope of ambience (from the very loud to the very quiet) in the city, and how this made me feel.

These are all up here, but there's also a blog attached to the project with additional images and information, which form a further level to the project. This, along with experimentation in ambient media are intended to three-dimentionalise the work and engage the viewer in more contemporary ways. More on this when it's at a refined stage, but for now you can view the silent city blog in it's semi-complete form at

The images:

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